Dr Aleka Sheppard

Dr Aleka Sheppard (LLB, LLM, PhD, I.A.Ciarb) is a full time Arbitrator, accredited Mediator, and the Chairman of LSLC – Maritime Business Forum.

Formerly, she practised maritime litigation and arbitration as a solicitor in the City of London; Taught postgraduate students at University College London (UCL); Served as Head of the Shipping law Unit at UCL and Professor of Maritime law;  Founded the LSLC -Maritime Business Forum, and the YMP under the auspices of the LSLC.

She leads the activities of the LSLC, promotes multidisciplinary knowledge in shipping and risk management education; writes on many issues of Maritime law, insurance, and dispute resolution; most notable is her book ‘Modern Maritime Law and Risk Management’; she speaks at conferences on these subjects.

With over 30 years of experience in shipping, she enjoys applying the law as a maritime Arbitrator.