LSLC-YMP AND BRAZILIAN MARITIME LAWYERS SEMINAR “International Conventions on Oil Pollution and Its Applicability in Recent Cases”

Issues for discussion include:


  • Recent oil pollution cases of significant impact


  • What are the legal and practical remedies for fighting oil pollution available in  the UK and Brazilian jurisdictions?


  • Which Conventions are or are not in effect in either jurisdiction?


  • Why have certain Conventions not been ratified? What are some pros and cons  of adhering to such Conventions?


  • Lessons to be learned and what needs to be changed for the future?


  • Did the remedies work well?

This event will be hosted virtually on Zoom.

For further details or to register, please contact:

Panellists:Lucas Leite Marques, Partner - Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados

Ingrid Zanella Andrade Campos - current vice-president of the Bar Association in the State  of Pernambuco (Northeast of Brazil) and Associated with the state and federal Bar Maritime  Commissions. Partner - Queiroz Cavalcanti Advocacia
Celso De Azevedo, Barrister - 36 Commercial, part of The 36 Group

Renata Benning, Claims Executive  - GARD (UK) Ltd.
Time:17.30 hrs London time /13.30 hrs Rio de Janeiro time
CPD Points:N/a